Our Environment

The decisions we make about drinking water go far beyond water—they’re also about our planet and future generations.

This section looks at some of the traditional sources of drinking water and their environmental impact. For perspective, we’ll compare these with the Skywell.

A mass-market nightmare

Plastic bottles—both the 5-gallon containers delivered by truck, and small, single-serve, disposable bottles—are part of our popular culture. They are a modern convenience that has provided us with access to drinking water nearly anywhere we go.

However, the price we are paying for the convenience of bottled water, as well as other common drinking water sources, is the sustainability of our planet.

Fossil fuel usage

Trash and pollution

Water Waste

The Skywell: Big advantages, small footprint.

The Skywell radically transforms the traditional drinking water model by avoiding the heavy environmental costs of producing, warehousing, shipping, and disposing of billions of plastic bottles worldwide. The only container you need with the Skywell is...your water glass.

To be fair, the Skywell has its own impact on the environment. New Skywells must be warehoused and then delivered by van to our customers. The Skywell requires electricity to capture, filter, and then heat or cool the water, but when compared to the alternative, the amount is negligible.

Though no method is perfect, the Skywell's environmental footprint is noticeably lower than those that depend on production and transporation of plastic containers. Environmentally, it is a remarkably effective option for sourcing your high-quality drinking water. 

We can't snap our fingers and make billions of discarded plastic bottles disappear. Nor will it be easy to change ingrained consumer behavior overnight. However, collectively we can immediately decide to put an end to our senseless reliance on traditional drinking water sources - ensuring that future generations manage this fragile resource with respect and compassion for the planet. 

More resources

To learn more about drinking water and the environment, here are some additional resources:

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