We create water from air

No Pipes, Plastic Bottles, Or Delivery Trucks…Just Plug It In, It’s That Simple!

Skywell 5

Produces up to 5 gallons of fresh, pure drinking water daily (hot or cold) and offers a truly extraordinary user experience each and every day


Skywell 10

Produces up to 10 gallons of fresh, pure drinking water daily (room temperature). Also ideal for irrigating thirsty gardens.


Skywell 100

Produces up to 100 gallons daily of clean, pure water to serve high-volume applications such as school campuses, athletic facilities, business compounds, farms or off-grid use.



Healthier Bodies, Healthier Planet.

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News Coverage

It’s a page right out of ‘Star Wars:’ Fresh drinking water made from thin air

Making water out of thin air. Students discuss how they use Skywell to irrigate their own campus garden.


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