The Skywell Story

Our company started with a simple goal: To change how the world thinks about drinking water.

Clearly, our planet needs a better way to create and allocate drinking water—a new approach that’s convenient for consumers, yet respectful of our environment. No plastic bottles, no delivery trucks, no added chemicals or unnecessary water waste. And at a cost that’s comparable to traditional methods, including bottled water delivery and single-use bottles. This new approach had to be self-contained—no plumbing required—with super-efficient filtering, low maintenance, and very high purity.

The solution: revolutionary technology that literally creates water from the air. Skywell takes our planet’s most plentiful resource—the air around us—condenses and filters it, and creates one of our most precious resources: pure, clean drinking water. We call it air water. To produce it, all you need is a Skywell and a standard electrical outlet.

Skywell is committed to making a positive impact on our world’s water crisis. We’re empowering people to control their own water supply—and in the process, to act in a socially responsible manner regarding the Earth’s waning supply of clean drinking water.

The time is right for Skywell. It’s here, now. And for us, it’s not just a product; it’s a mission.



Prior to embarking upon the Skywell journey, Ron had become convinced that whether your primary focus was health, an enhanced user experience, cost, social responsibility or the sustainability of our planet, the ways many of us continued to access drinking water was shockingly flawed.

Certain that there had to be a better way, Ron set out to develop a more sensible alternative, while provoking a meaningful change in the way we thought about drinking water.

Ron is the founder and CEO of Skywell. He spearheaded the development of the company’s technology and business model, and together with the management team continues to author the company’s direction and culture.

Ron also is a founding director of Reach-Out Worldwide (ROWW), a non-profit charitable foundation that provides rapid response disaster relief and humanitarian aid to those in need in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters throughout the world.

Additionally, Ron was a founding member of the International Safe Drinking Water Alliance (isDwa), a non-profit foundation created by the Dean of the Graduate School of Environment at the University of Beijing and UC Davis to implement global policies and strategies to increase access to safe drinking water throughout the world.

Prior to founding Skywell, Ron was a practicing attorney in Los Angeles for over 30 years. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA, graduating summa cum laude, and received his law degree from UCLA School of Law.