No Pipes.
No Plastic Bottles.
No Delivery Trucks.

Big Advantages, Small Footprint.

The Skywell radically transforms the traditional drinking water model by avoiding the heavy environmental costs of producing, warehousing, shipping, and disposing of billions of plastic bottles worldwide. The only container you need with the Skywell is…your water glass.

Spending a fortune on fancy ‘designer’ bottled water was bad for my budget and horrible for the environment. Skywell water is way better than my old go-to’s. Its a no brainer.

Leah S.


The decisions we make about drinking water go far beyond water—they’re also about our planet and future generations.

The price we are paying for the convenience of bottled water is the sustainability of our planet.


Environmental Impact of bottled water

Plastic bottles, both the 5-gallon containers delivered by truck and small single-serve disposable bottles, are part of our culture. They are a modern convenience. But are they worth the cost?

Fossil Fuel Usage

  • The production of bottled water in the United States alone produces approximately 900,000 tons of plastic annually—the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of oil.
  • Shipping this water to its final destination requires additional fossil fuels. The National Geographic estimates that 40,000 18-wheelers are required to deliver our bottled water every week. Many popular brands of drinking water are even shipped to the United States from abroad via gas guzzling cargo ships.


Trash and pollution

  • Trucks and ships carrying bottles emit exhaust fumes, damaging our air and oceans.
  • Of the approximately 30 billion plastic water bottles sold annually in the United States, less than 10% are recycled. This leaves billions of plastic bottles in our landfills, beaches, waterways, and public spaces. In the hundreds of years it takes for this plastic to decompose, it is steadily poisoning our plant and animal life.
  • In addition to the exhaust fumes emitted from trucks and cargo ships along the supply chain, the process of bottling water in production factories releases roughly 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

Understand the Skywell Difference